Welcome to Centre for Handicapped

The Centre for Handicapped has been working towards the rehabilitation of people with physical disabilities since 1971, under different names such as the "Kandy Orthopedic Centre" and the "Colombo Friend In Need Society, Kandy Branch". It acquired its present identity as the "Centre for Handicapped" in 2001. The Centre receives technical and financial support from national and international governmental and non-governmental bodies as well as concerned individuals.

Gait training

Gait training starts between parallel bars and proceeds to advanced gait training such as walking independently on:

* Flat surfaces
* Uneven terrain
* Up and down steps
* Up and down ramps
* Hanging bridges for balancing
* Mud, gravel etc..

Outreach Camps

The main reason to start outreach programs were to reach out to people who are unable to come to CFH for help. We therefore decided to conduct outreach programs out of Kandy.

Awareness Program

Centre For Handicapped had their "Bring & Buy" sales program at Wesley Hall, Yatinuwara Veediya, Kandy on the 03rd of December 2016 for International Day of the Disabled.