PHOTO       Calf

 The Baby Calf in the picture was born with one leg shorter than the other. Our team from CFH went to Pinnawala to fit a device to the baby calf so he could walk evenly.


3    4

Our team headed off to Rabukkana as they heard that a cow after a minor accident had one foot damaged. We decided to replace it with an artificial limb after the leg was healed.




 5     6

 The dog was found close to the house where an Outreach visit was conducted at Mullaitivu. It has lost the leg due to a Road Accident.  A new leg has been replaced so he can walk again.

    7     8

This Goat was injured after trying to force itself to break free from a tangled rope when it accidently cut its leg. Our team from CFH went on an Outreach visit to Vavuniya and decided to help this Goat.