Child sponsorship


Children who use artificial limbs need to replace them at least annually as they grow and their limbs become too short adversely affecting their gait. Financial support for the replacement of limbs would be a help to the Centre and a gift of great value to the children concerned.


Become a member of the permanent fund


You can become a member of the Centre’s Permanent (endowment) Fund by donating Rs.150,000.00. Interest earned by the Fund allows us to give an artificial limb to a needy person on your special day each year. You chose both the type of recipient and the day.


CFH Sri Lanka is a facility which provides prosthetic and orthotic devices and rehabilitation services to physically challenged people from all over the island enabling them to live full and productive lives. Our services are free of charge and we extend a helping hand to everyone who comes to the Centre irrespective of race, religion, ethnicity, caste and class,or gender.

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