The Centre For Handicapped was originally started in 1971 and was known as "Kandy Orthopedic Workshop" and it was aided by NIHR (National Institute of Handicapped Research), A U.S. based organisation and the Ministry of Health in Sri Lanka.  After the termination of the support from NIHR, the production of limbs and orthopedic devices began to decline. In such situation the Colombo Friend In Need Society joined and the location of the Centre kept changing often due to its financial instability.



In 1992, the Centre was permanently located at No 228, Digana Road, Kundasale, the state land provided by the Past President of Sri Lanka the Hon. R. Premadasa on a lond lease . The Norwegian Development Agency (NORAD), Rotary Club of Kandy together with the International Rotary Movement, Rotary Clubs in Sweden and USAID joined in the growth of the Centre.

The Centre was established with the opening of the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, Hon. D. B. Wijetunge on the 26th of September 1992. Thereafter in the year 2001 the Kandy branch conceded from the Colombo Friend In Need Society and started with it's own name known as now “Centre for Handicapped.”

The Center for Handicapped (CFH) has been in existence since 1971 under various names and has undergone several changes of location and partnership. It has been at its present site since 1992, first as the Colombo Friend in Need Society, Kandy Branch and more recently as the CFH.

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