The Centre initially fabricated Aluminum limbs and subsequently switched to HDPE (High-Density Poly Ethylene) and Mobility limbs, using more modern technologies. The Centre has now introduced ICRC Polypropylene technology, which is lighter, more flexible, comfortable and stronger for the user.

The Centre fabricates artificial limbs with following specifications:

* Most of the artificial limb components are made out of strong - lightweight - polypropylene.

* Artificial limbs are fabricated by assembling different components / modules, so that individual components can be replaced and moved according to the required alignment changes to achieve optimum function.

* Excellent alignment facilities due to modular components help Prosthetists to align prosthesis properly during gait training.

* Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) outer finish in different colors allow for Prosthesis that match skin color, are cosmetically pleasing and have a soft outer touch.

* Artificial limbs are made by a team of internationally qualified Prosthetists, supported by Assistants and Bench Technicians.

* Prosthetic fitting is done under excellent clinical conditions and supported by high quality physiotherapy services.

* Advanced prosthetic gait training prepares users for all kinds of terrains.

* Artificial limb users even can walk barefooted.


The Centre also provides wheelchairs for the disabled. Physical disabilities depending on their different requirements.
Different wheelchairs are as follows:

• World made Wheelchairs

• Rehab Lanka Wheelchairs

• JJCDR (Non-Folding and Folding) Wheelchairs

• Navajeevana Wheelchairs

• SIA (Spinal Injuries Association) Wheelchairs

Our wheelchair services comprise of the following specialties:

• All the wheelchairs are designed and provided based on the thorough individual requirements assessed by a team of experts.

• Adequate training is provided on the proper use of the wheelchair.

• Counseling is also provided on treatment of pressure sores, transferring and wheelchair management with safety precautions etc.

Centre for Handicapped offers services such as: Physiotherapy before and after the fitting of Prosthesis. The Centre employs trained Rehabilitation Therapy Assistants working under the guidance of a qualified Physiotherapist. The department is well equipped and provided with manual exercise facilities.

Wheelchair assessment:
Persons who need wheelchairs are thoroughly assessed according to the individuals need.

Wheelchair training:
We also provide proper training to use wheelchair effectively.

Therapy for other neuromuscular disorders:
The physiotherapy department also treats the other neuromuscular disorders like Cerebral palsy, Post-Polio, Polio Residual Paralysis etc.

Lodging: The Centre provides lodging facilities and has separate male and female dormitories with TV and radio.

The main services provided by the physiotherapy department are:

Joint screening: Done by a team of Prosthetists & Orthotists supervised by a Physiotherapist.

Counseling: Basic counseling explains the process of prosthetic fitting, rehabilitation and motivates the physically disabled individuals to live near normal lives.

Prescription: The final prescription is made based on the assessment of each patient’s requirements.

Pre-Prosthetic Physiotherapy: Stump preparation is done for the exact fitting of the prosthesis. Oedema, Neuroma, contractures, tightness, muscle weaknesses and other complications are considered during this period.

Prosthetic physiotherapy care: Different kinds of balancing and weight lifting exercises are done during the fitting of the prosthesis.

Post prosthetic care: We provide post prosthetic care to solve different gait deviation problems.

Gait training: Gait training starts between parallel bars and proceeds to advanced gait training such as walking independently on the following:

* Flat surfaces
* Uneven terrain
* Up and down steps
* Up and down ramps
* Hanging bridges for balancing
* Mud, gravel etc..

Gait Training


Measurement taking