The Centre provides custom built limbs that are lightweight, flexible and easy to use and care for. We specialize in artificial legs which are either above or below the knee.  While we also provide artificial arms, these are still largely cosmetic but we are exploring the possibility of functioning arms that are cost-effective. Constant upgrading of the technology we use and the skills of our technical staff ensure that the limbs – and other devices – we provide are of excellent quality.


The Centre’s orthotic devices are used mainly to correct birth defects in children or support limbs that have been weakened or damaged through accidents and illness They include Hip Knee Ankle Foot Orthesis, CTEV Splint, Knee Ankle Foot Orthesis, Ankle Foot Orthesis, TLSO, Wrist Hand Orthesis,etc….   These are also custom built and are repaired or replaced periodically as the young recipients grow.


In addition to the specially designed wheelchairs for children with cerebral palsy we also provide

 Commode Wheel Chair, Active Wheel Chair, Tricycle, etc…

Walking Aids

The walking aids we provide include:  Under arm Crutches, Elbow Crutches, Canes, Quad-pod Canes, Walker, Walking frames with wheels, etc…


Outreach Camps

Our outreach camps allow us to offer the same level of personalised service and high quality limbs and other devices to people with disability across the country. Our technicians and our mobile unit travel to different parts of the country to measure and fit recipients for artificial limbs and to provide training in the use and care of the limbs.


The specialized Physiotherapy Unit at the Centre provides physiotherapy and rehabilitation therapy before and after the fitting of prostheses so that recipients use their artificial limbs safely and to best effect.  The unit is well equipped with manual exercise facilities.

Rainwater Harvesting

Chronic Kidney Disease of unknown entomology (CKDu) claims an estimated 5,000 lives a year in the dry zone of Sri Lanka. Recent research suggests that rainwater harvesting offers a safe alternative to contaminated ground water.


The Centre is using its organizational base to build simple, easy to maintain rain water harvesting systems inDehiatthakandiya in the Eastern Province.Fiftytwofamilies have received systems to date and more are planned for the near future.

Micro Loans

A very successful micro loan programme provides start-up capital to limb recipients to allow them to support themselves and their families through income generating activities and small businesses. They also receive basic business training.

Vocational Training

Vocational Training is a new venture at the Centre. It targets unemployed women and girls, including those with disability providing them with vocational and language training. Several of them have already started their own businesses often taking advantage of the Centre’s micro loan programme.

Cataract Surgery

We partner with the Rotary Club of Kandy to provide cataract surgery for poor people mainly from rural areas where the incidence of cataracts appears to be higher. To date 119 operations have been successfully carried out.

Ophthalmology unit

The newly equipped ophthalmology unit provides free complete screening and testing of eyes for identification of possible condition and requirement for the use of spectacles.

Audiometry Screening Unit

Centre’s Audiometry Screening Unit provides free complete screening and testing of ears for identification of possible condition and requirement for the use of hearing aids.

CFH Sri Lanka is a facility which provides prosthetic and orthotic devices and rehabilitation services to physically challenged people from all over the island enabling them to live full and productive lives. Our services are free of charge and we extend a helping hand to everyone who comes to the Centre irrespective of race, religion, ethnicity, caste and class,or gender.


Centre for Handicapped is an approved charitable organization under the section 1(a)(ii) of the Fifth Schedule of the Inland Revenue Act No. 24 of 2017.

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