Students and young people can make others aware of the existence of the Centre by distributing leaflets or by mounting a poster campaign.


They can also visit the Center to see how it works and to meet and talk with limb recipients (and play with the younger ones) thus gaining a greater appreciation of the challenges faced by people with disability.


Our Interact and Rotaract Club members occasionally help with projects such as health camps and sports events organized to mark the UN Day for People with Disability

Take part in a project


You can be a partner in one or more of our various projects that are intended to empower differently abled people, provide training, make clean water available, support health camps and provide other humanitarian services.


Provide publicity for the Centre and its work by making others aware of its existence and by recommending this website to colleagues and friends who might be interested in its work.


CFH Sri Lanka is a facility which provides prosthetic and orthotic devices and rehabilitation services to physically challenged people from all over the island enabling them to live full and productive lives. Our services are free of charge and we extend a helping hand to everyone who comes to the Centre irrespective of race, religion, ethnicity, caste and class,or gender.

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