Clean Drinking Water to Prevent Chronic Kidney Disease -GG2236324 

The “Clean Drinking Water to Prevent Chronic Kidney Disease” project is coordinated and implemented by The Rotary Club of Kandy and Centre for Handicapped, with funding support from the Rotary Club of Virum-Sorgenfri. The project’s main focus is to offer clean drinking water in rural areas of the country by establishing domestic rainwater harvesting systems to prevent kidney disease. Specifically, the project targeted kidney patients in the Dehiattakandiya Divisional Secretariat in Ampara District, Sri Lanka. Launched on October 1, 2022, the project aimed to ensure universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water, improve water quality, protect and maintain surface and groundwater resources, reduce pollution and contaminants, and promote wastewater reuse. In total, forty six beneficiaries were assisted through the project, which included the establishment of forty six rainwater harvesting systems. The project team permitted beneficiaries to drink collected rainwater after verifying the water’s quality through laboratory testing. The project also conducted various awareness programs on water management, the value of rainwater, and how to prevent and control Chronic Kidney Disease through healthy habits. Medical testing was consistently performed to evaluate the kidney disease status of the project beneficiaries. As a result, the rainwater harvesting systems provided through the project successfully enabled a majority of the beneficiaries to control the progression of kidney disease.