What we do

We provide custom built prosthetic and orthotic devices of excellent quality and other mobility devices such as wheel chairs and crutches. To date around 15,000 amputees and others with physical disabilities, from various parts of the country and different walks of life, have benefitted from the activities of the CFH. Constant up-grading of the technology we use in the manufacture of the limbs and of the skills of our technical staff ensure that recipients receive free, custom built limbs that are lightweight, flexible and easy to use and care for.

How can you become a partner?

If you know of any underprivileged people in Sri Lanka in need of artificial limbs or other mobility devices, please let us know so that we can help them. You can also support our work by donating a limb or  by contributing to our Endowment Fund in your own name or in that of a loved one, or by supporting our work in cash or in kind.

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