Children from a few months old to teenagers come to Centre for help which we provide in the forms of artificial limbs, orthotic devices and wheelchairs. They are generally regular visitors returning periodically to replace devices that they have outgrown and that must be replaced.

More recently we have begun a scholarship program for children giving them monthly allowances that supplement state provided educational support and pay for items of clothing and educational equipment that are not covered.

Our latest venture is the Jolly Youngsters Club for children with disability. The club meets once a week and the children are taught singing and dancing as a way of improving their social and cognitive skills.

How can you become a partner?

If you know of any underprivileged people in Sri Lanka in need of artificial limbs or other mobility devices, please let us know so that we can help them. You can also support our work by donating a limb or  by contributing to our Endowment Fund in your own name or in that of a loved one, or by supporting our work in cash or in kind.

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