When seven year old Amodya Wishwani, lost a leg in a road accident her parents were devastated.  As her father was a bus driver father and her mother a housewife they knew that they would not be able to afford the artificial limbs she would need for the rest of her life if she were to become – and remain – mobile and they foresaw a very bleak future for her.  In their darkest hour they learned about the Centre for Handicapped and were told that they could obtain a free limb for their little daughter. They wasted no time in bringing their daughter to the Centre where they were received with kindness and were assured that Amodya would be gifted with a custom-built limb and that it would be a very special one as the staff of the Centre had decided to commemorate the Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III by gifting a limb to a child.  Amodya was that lucky child.

On the 4th of May – the day of the Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camila – Amodya was given the first of the many limbs that she will receive throughout her lifetime.  With her mobility and her future assured she is, once again, the happy and active child she had been.   

Touched by the staff’s initiative, the Chairman of the Board wrote to His Majesty wishing him for his Coronation and telling him how the Centre had given a child the gift of mobility to mark this important event.  Some months later the Centre’s staff was delighted to receive a letter from Buckingham Palace telling them that His Majesty was “deeply touched that Amodya’s parents had chosen to share her story with him” and expressing the hope that “Amodya continues to recover well and is enjoying participating in school”.  The King also sent his “warmest good wishes to all at the Centre for Handicapped”.  The letter itself and the thank you card signed by Their Majesties that came with it are now proudly displayed at the Centre to the delight of the staff and of visitors to the Centre.