PDG AKS V.R. Muthu and PAG Arumugaa Selvan visited the Centre for the Handicapped

On 18th January, 2024, PDG.AKS V.R.Muthu and PAG Arumugaa Selvan, representing the Rotary District 3212 India, visited the Centre for Handicapped with members of the Kandy Rotary Club. During their visit, they received a presentation on the Centre also were taken on a tour to understand our work and the process of manufacturing artificial limbs.

The visitors enjoyed a dance performance by our Jolly Youngsters, a group of differently-abled children. Additionally, five individuals received artificial limbs, and ten individuals were provided with spectacles during the visit. They also had the opportunity to engage in friendly conversations with recipients at the Centre who lead successful lives with the comfortable artificial limbs provided by CFH.

We are grateful for their support, as they not only provided artificial limbs but also contributed to CFH’s capacity development through GG2454686. This included supporting training programs for staff members, instrumental support, and component support.

In our visitors’ book, PDG.AKS V.R.Muthu remarked, “Centre for Handicapped is a ‘MODEL’ Rotary Club. All the best.”

We sincerely appreciate their deep commitment, interest, and support for the cause of the physically impaired. Their generosity will make it possible for many physically impaired individuals to regain near-normal lives.